Harvey's Towing, Harveys Towing, Clayton's Towing, Claytons Towing,
Barnes Auto Co, Barnes Auto Towing, Barnes Towing, Colpak
Knights in Shining Armour, Knight's in Shining Armour
Knights in Shining Trucks, Knight's in Shining Trucks
Knights in Shiny Trucks, Knight's in Shiny Trucks

 1300 KNIGHTS 

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Australia Wide  |  24 hours a Day  |  365 Days a Year  |  Fully Insured  |  Bus and Coach Towing  |
Semi-trailer & B-Double Towing  |  Fridge-pan Towing  |  Recovery of Heavy Plant & Equipment  |
Heavy Recovery  |  Damage Free Towing by Underlifts  |  Extendable Supertilt | Salvage and Accident|
 Heavy & Wide Load assistance  |  Horse Float Towing |   | Caravan & 5th Wheeler Towing  |
 NTI (National Transport Insurance) authorised towing contractor