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Goodbye Faithful friend..

It’s a bit of a sad day today as we are saying goodbye to KNI04. This girl was bought in August 2003 from Brown and Hurley Rockhampton. Like a few of our trucks we’re pretty sure she’s an ex Fraser’s truck. Rodney drove it back from Rockhampton and took it to Ekebol and the underlift was put on.

Rodney added "This truck has always been our “training truck”. If you weren’t prepared to start in her, you didn’t get a start at Knights. She’s served us so well for the past 16 years!" 😍

Rodney and Julie have both had a soft spot for her even backing out of trading her in when purchasing KNI10. Sadly life goes on though and it’s time for her to go to tow truck heaven

We will miss you.

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